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Roe & Co Single Grain

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**Distillery Exclusive** 

The truth of grain whiskey is that it is often maligned and considered inferior to malt, as the main component of our signature blend we look to right the wrongs and perceptions of this incredible style of whiskey. The softness that maize brings to a spirit, along with our use of first-fill bourbon casks, is instantly evident in its incredible mouthfeel and velvety texture, followed by the hints of coconut and vanilla that come in abundance on the palate. With a long, lingering finish that further pays tribute to the unctuous nature of grain whiskey that is so often overlooked.

Nose – creamy, fragrant, soft spice, warm hints of woody vanilla

Taste – velvety texture, sweet flavours including coconut flesh and vanilla

Finish – lingering and gentle, ending with a light creaminess