Our unique Roe & Co Tiki pattern is featured on our bar tools and tells the story of our whiskey and our journey.  
Weve featured iconic landmarks of Dublin 8 such as St Patricks Tower, located on the site of the once world famous George Roes distillery and the pear tree that grows beneath it as homage to our inspiration and a past titan in Irish whiskeys history. 
The pear is a nod to that history, while also referencing the bright orchard fruit notes that can be tasted in our signature Roe 106 blend. 
Our incredible distillery is featured, a rejuvenated building that once housed the Guinness Power Station, visible all through Dublins skyline with beautiful red bricks and two tall chimney stacks - a building that stood empty for decades until we made it our home in Dublin 8.  
The fox is a nod to the first time we stepped through the doors of the Guinness Power Station - abandoned since the 1980s except for the family of foxes that lived there. Even today, those foxes still visit us occasionally! 
And of course, our Roe & Co bottle, the fruits of our labour and a new take on Irish whiskey today.